Intermediate Program


The intermediate department at Highroad Academy is comprised of Grades 4-6. At the core of our program is a desire to model and inspire in students a deep-rooted love for Jesus so they are motivated to pursue their own growing relationship with Him while letting His character positively affect their relationships with others.

Our programs reflect a commitment to developing the creativity and passion for learning that God has given us. We offer a wide assortment of stimulating programs and activities, ranging from inquiry based projects to core foundational programs Our goal is to affirm students in their strengths and challenge them as they grow to become responsible, independent life-long learners.

Pamela Goosen


Genius Hour is a program that allows students to explore their own passions and develop creativity in the classroom. Intermediate students are given one hour each week to pick a project they are passionate about and develop it to completion over a series of weeks. Upon completion, students present their projects to their peers, sharing their experiences and learning.

The Intermediate Department has developed an integrated character education program as part of our Bible curriculum. Students learn anti-bullying strategies that are rooted in the stories and teachings of the Bible and are provided with a Biblical perspective and a practical guide to dealing with social relationships.

The connection between family and school is important at all levels of a child’s educational experience. News, recent events and other important items are communicated through our class blogs. Another means of communication is our online marking platform which allows families to see their child’s academic progress throughout the year.

Serving our school and our community is an important aspect of school life for the intermediate department. Students have numerous opportunities throughout the year including campus-wide clean up, Service Day, supporting missions trips, and helping host the Remembrance Day tea and assembly.

Our Mission:
Achievement, Citizenship and Lifelong Learning as Authentic Believers and Followers in Christ.
Highroad Academy